About Us

Martins Orchard is located in the beautiful Shoalhaven region. We are a family run farm with over 15 acres of stonefruit including over 30 varieties of peaches, nectarines, and plums.

Our fresh fruit orchard sell direct to the public via our farmgate stall, and services many local, interstate, and overseas customers.

The trees are protected with environmentally friendly netting to keep out birds and bats. Our aim is to produce clean, fresh stonefruit in a natural manner with the natural inputs of fish, seaweed, and natural pest traps and lures.

Our Location

The orchard is nestled in a quiet valley with rich alluvial soil and plenty of sunshine, surrounded by a national park on three sides, and a permanent creek running throughout

Sights to See

There are many lookouts, waterfalls, and hiking trails close by for visitors to the region.

Time-Proven Quality

Our orchard has been producing fruit for over 40 years! We grow both the latest varieties, as well as some heritage stonefruit varieties.

Sustainable Horticulture

Here at Martins Orchard, we are striving to grow our produce of peaches, nectarines, and plums in a fully natural, sustainable way. Our aim is to produce clean, fresh fruit, completely free of all nasty chemicals and pesticides. In this system, we use natural inputs of seaweed and fish fertilisers.

Our pests and disease are controlled by traps, lures, and beneficial insects in order to optimise tree health. So far, we have no had any aphids or codling moth for over 20 years.

A healthy food promotes a healthy mind and body for us all.